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The Social Tournaments store is your one stop web shop, where you can buy everything, you need to excel in Tournaments and boost your overall winning potential. If there is one place to spend your hard earned coins, then this would be the place. Your coin balance is visible from the right hand side of the screen.  

Social Tournaments Store Balance

Welcome To The Social Tournaments Online Store

Get your game on and fuel up for your online casino experience like never when shopping in the Social Tournaments store. You can use your balance of hard-earned coins to buy Tickets, Lootboxes, Prize Wheels, Avatars and Merchandise. 

Currency for buying items

There is only one currency to be used in the Store, which are the “coins” which accumulate after you have completed various tournaments or participated in the 7-Day Login Program. The best way to increase your coin balance, would be to buy a Prize Wheel, which can grant you up to staggering total of 45,000 coins. Read more about the various Prize Wheels on offer in the Prize Wheel Guide. 

What can you purchase in the store?

The Social Tournaments Store offers everything from Tournament Tickets to Prize Wheels, to Merchandise and Lootboxes and is always being refreshed with Limited Edition goodies. 

TICKETS – There are tickets for weekly, daily and monthly Tournaments available for purchase, including the Golden Tickets which are required for the Season’s Monthly Tournaments.  

LOOTBOXES – The lootboxes are quite literally a box full of surprise and can contain anything from avatars, tournament tickets, cash prizes and emojis. The Lootboxes are labelled Uncommon, Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Why not pick ‘n’ mix? 

PRIZE WHEELS – There are three different types of prize wheel available, which all go by the names of Rare, Epic and Legendary, where you can win a huge number of coins.  

MERCHANDISE – T-shirts, caps, and hoodies and many more items can be purchased for coins. 


Still have more questions? Our FAQ is filled with all you need to know. Need Advice? Drop us an email to [email protected] or if you have a suggestion, why not drop it to us on the Discord


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Any goods purchased in the Social Tournaments Store, will be subject to your local customs duties, which is calculated according to the value of the items purchased. For more information, please refer to your local customs agency.